Leaders of Consciousness – Why you often feel like your words are a jumble of incoherence…… AND why you must continue sharing regardless!!

You struggle to ‘start’ at the beginning of a thought process. For you are fundamentally channeling through a multi-dimensional process which means there is no start!

Words are slower in their frequency of existence than your connection and access to the perspectives and understanding you are bringing through. And so, as you have understood and recognized previously, you receive ALL the information at once. Because it is like an aha moment of clarity, which many will understand, it is an energetic piece or to be more clear it is an accessing of another layer of your consciousness. 

This layer exists until now in another dimensional reality. So, the translation of this layer into this linear reality can be a dance of macramé!

Putting pieces of words together to form something that resembles what you experienced first in the realms of your consciousness and then as an energetic understanding. 

Though even that is inaccurate for it is not first one and then the other. It is the multi-dimensional, simultaneou-ty of the chicken and the egg scenario, which baffles the linear nature of the mind. 

your words are slower in nature than these all-encompassing understandings, so the translation is a challenge for a couple of reasons which we will illustrate now in a linear fashion which we feel you are asking for

Again, this is not in sequence for there is no sequence

You exist in more ease and comfort at these faster speeds of who you are. And so, there is an inherent impatience when you have to slow down enough to translate into a slower reality. Even now with the speed you are typing there is frustration to being at this speed!

The words often cannot contain sufficiently the gravity of the consciousness and subsequent energy you are transmitting and communicating. So, there can be an element of dis-satisfaction that the words did not capture the actual meaning.

They can’t which is why embodiment of your own frequency is so important, for that is when it all (the information learned & received) can land. (again not necessarily in sequence)

It is in some ways a skill for the awakened self to learn. To channel from the multi-dimensional realm into a linear realm. It is not inherently designed to be easily done! Otherwise the game of separation that IS earth would not have worked as miraculously as it currently does.

You are more comfortable at the faster speeds, slowing down enough to translate is somewhat annoying. When you ‘get it’ you are immensely satisfied with that. And it needs no translation. However now you have realized there is dis-satisfaction with dis-allowing yourself to share these expansive truths. And so, it is time to concede to this slower reality so that you may feel the satisfaction on this plane as well as on the plane of consciousness you like to reside in.

The beautiful thing about sharing this way is that the others who are also a-tuned to this ‘way’ of existing WILL easily understand you. And the ‘incoherence’ that your linear mind insists on seeing, IS the very thing that will instantly ‘make sense’ to those others, for they are operating in a similar preference to you as well as along a similar timeline to you.

Roisin & inter-dimensional team