Luma Festival of Lights here in Queenstown was very impressive. I resisted the urge to snap happy, for a couple of reasons…

1. After two or three attempts it was clear, photographing light installations falls into the realms of professional camera and professional user of said camera. Unless of course you are satisfied with a mere wiff of the essence of what you are capturing, which I, with sometimes debilitating high standards, am not!

2. I wanted to enjoy and ‘get lost’ a little in the magical wonder. Which my phone would have pulled me out of.

3. I was struck by the voraciousness of just how much we snap these days. In a time where content is ‘king/queen’ it is a never ending dash to produce more, share more and consume more… sometimes it seems for no other reason than the acts themselves. Resulting in avalanches of, well, poor quality content for contents sake. Just opt in to the next ‘Free masterclass’ and you’ll see for yourself.

So here is a bare tree, lit up in it’s stripped back beauty.

Not necessarily the best picture, but the message felt, relevant, if a bit cynical. A quality I am learning has it’s virtues.
We can get so easily lured by the concept of more, and while it is certainly inescapable, it pays in this day of excessive content, to remember that more is not always the solution. Sometimes wonder for wonders sake is enough.