Life Coach Training with the QSCA

In December 2014 I became certified as a Quantum Success Coach through Christy Whitman’s Quantum Success Coaching Academy.  It was 12 months of weekly classes, followed by three months to complete all the requirements; so for me that was 15 months in total until I was complete and certified. I’ve seen a few people lately asking about certifications and what ones are recommended and whether in fact they need a certification. So I thought it would be worthwhile to share about the QSCA and what I think about the certification question.


The QSCA content:

At the very heart of the course is the Law of Attraction teachings and energy work.  The course is designed to teach you how to work with clients in understanding that everything is energy and as per the LoA, all energy of similar frequency is drawn together. Once we become conscious of what energy we are emitting we can begin to deliberately choose and focus our energy in the direction of our desires, thus creating & attracting what we really want to experience. That’s the nutshell version!

The structure of the course is brilliant, each module builds upon the next. The first module covers basic coaching skills, such as structuring a session, your role as a coach, active listening skills and effective questioning skills. Within this first module which is about 8 weeks you already have enough knowledge to start confidently coaching clients.

As each module progresses you learn further processes to use such as ones that are based on Abraham-hicks teachings and more advanced deep energy meditations called Light Body which are based on Orin & DaBen’s teachings. The final module delves even further into energy work and you learn processes & meditations called Future Visioning which are drawn in part from the Lazarus teachings.

The quality of the information contained in each of these modules is really excellent and I guarantee you you will learn a lot from this. It’s also super powerful stuff to apply into your own life. Everything is recorded so you always have access to the classes I still listen to the recordings and pick up on something new each time!

The other module that is covered is Business Building. This is really comprehensive, from sales funnels, to elevator pitches, to ideal clients and website basics. There is also lots of additional content from interviews that Christy has had with leading online business personalities.

Then there are the bonuses that come with the course.  Every month there is a fantastic bonus, such as Christy’s home study coaching programmes of different topics and various ebooks and talks from well known authors and speakers. All of the bonuses are geared to either assist you with the coaching aspect of your business or the business side of your business.

Christy prides herself on always ‘over-delivering’ and she really does. The value of the content alone in the course is worth the price of the fee.


The Requirements:

One of the reason’s I loved this course so much was because it does have a lot of requirements to meet in order to get certified. When you first start it can feel a bit overwhelming to complete everything, but as the year goes on and you meet each deadline you realise it is much more manageable than you once thought.

The benefit of so many requirements such as the feedback sessions, assignments, coaching hours, class attendance, study group attendance & reading is that you really immerse yourself in the material and you actually become a great coach! Which is the whole point right?!

I personally loved the level of accountability they expect from you in order to complete the course.


The Support:

Simply phenomenal. The teachers are great, really knowledgeable and so supportive. Every question and query during class is honoured and answered with care and detail. Email requests are always responded to in a timely manner and the interactions are always caring and genuine.

They have a great support system in place for the students, with assigned study groups and partners that you can connect with via phone or skype as well as a FB group. The energy of everyone is very uplifting and you always feel seen and supported in the groups.

You also have the benefit of requesting clients from Christy’s client base. These are people who are on Christy’s list who request a free session with a coach in training. This is an invaluable resource especially if you are totally new to coaching.


The Experience:

Overall, it’s a very transformational experience. Becoming a life coach is definitely a path that will reveal any hidden beliefs or resistance you have in your own life. One thing I’ve heard quite a few prominent coaches say is ‘you can’t take a client any deeper than you’ve gone yourself’. To become a life coach is to go to those deeper places within you and embrace what arises. Going through the QSCA will definitely bring up this opportunity. It was no exception for me and the blogs I wrote during this time are a reflection of this!


Certification or not?

For me I am so pleased I decided to go down the certification route. Before I started I had a good friend tell me that I really didn’t need it, that I already had all the knowledge I required. Of course she was right, but at the time I felt I needed that support and guidance to get going. And even on reflection, knowing that a lot of my innate coaching ability has nothing to do with what I learned on a course, but is more of an accumulation of my own inner explorations over the past 10 years or so, I am still so grateful for the QSCA and all that I learned and continue to learn as a result.

I don’t believe you have to have a certification to be a great coach, in fact I know many top coaches who don’t have any, and I really admire those coaches who do build their practices without it. But if you are considering it, if you feel you would be more confident with it, if you feel a lack of direction without it, then I say go for it. If you are committed, really committed to being a coach then it is not a decision you will regret. And if you are considering the QSCA, I can guarantee you you will be blown away by the level of content, teaching and support you will receive.

The Spring 2015 intake for the QSCA is now open so if you are interested to learn more then follow this link Quantum Success Coaching Academy Spring 2015 Info

If you are still not 100% sure and would just like to talk it out with someone who’s been there, then feel free to get in touch with me either via email at [email protected] or you can call me on +64 21 125 8187, I’d love to help you with your decision in any way I can.