Mastery & Kilanova’s!!

I just had a beautiful, heart opening & immensely loving conversation with Master Francis of Assisi – covering mastery & kilanova’s!

I sat down to meditate & be with my breath today. Something I haven’t done in a couple of weeks actually. When I made the time today I realized part of the reason I hadn’t was that I had fear that my ‘collective’ (higher-self energies & aspects) wouldn’t be there for me. This has been playing out in a few ways to come to my attention of late and the sense of not feeling supported by friendships in my life was suddenly highlighted by my realization that I felt the same way about my own connection within.

And tears bubbled forth as I felt the subtle yet undeniable presence of my Self come forward – ‘them’ & ‘me’ (us) feeling joyous that I had finally asked and made space for a conscious connection that would support me. I instantly knew it was up to me to open my heart and allow the support – ‘ask and you shall receive’ came floating, not for the first time, from within the ethers of my being as a reminder that that is all that’s required.

And along came Raphael. The specifics of the support I desired I did not have to ask for. The healing presence and soothing energy of Raphael gave me much solace for some chronic pain that has literally been wearing me down in recent weeks.

And then for the first time an old friend from when I was a school kid. My confirmation (a catholic rite of passage) Saint Francis of Assisi. Francis came through bringing me again to tears with the most beautiful message and tender loving care. The message I didn’t transcribe or record as I was deeply receiving it.

However, I feel it was so powerful and loving that I hope to capture some of it here for you now, and as I recall it and tune to its frequency it is again bringing tears to my eyes.

He spoke about how there are some of us really and truly breaking out of any and all structures that would externalize our authority and sovereignty of beings of light. He said that even he in his Mastery (not Saintliness!) was confined and limited by religion. And that many of us now are stepping onto the truly brave path of being our own answer above all else. Through the connection, allowing and bold recognition of our inherent godliness within.

These structures we are breaking free from provide the safety of validation from ‘higher’ and ‘approved by the masses’ beliefs and ways of doing things. These structures can be hidden in plain view and while some will use them as tools to support their enlightenment, others will confuse them for ‘the answer’ – things such as Yoga, Law of Attraction, Science, Religion, Astrology, Reiki etc etc etc (the list is endless).

These are tools which can indeed, and DO support you in exploring different themes and aspects of being here in this human experience, and they can bring a fullness of understanding and a frame of reference for how to de-code certain experiences.

However, there is never any external teaching that will be the authority over your own inherent sovereignty within. Because even those teachings still exist within the ‘bubble’ of the consciousness of the ones who begun them and of the ones who continue to explore their themes to the exclusion of all else. And anywhere there is exclusion of viewpoints and perspectives there is limitation – even and especially if that exclusion is in the name of ‘spirituality &/or high vibrations’.

So, we are breaking new ground with the boldness & bravery of stepping into the light of our being and shining it without the ‘backing’ of a prior approved structure to validate our insights and awareness and authority of beingness. He offered true support and love and displayed how humbled and excited he felt to be witnessing such mastery coming forth onto earth. He wanted us to know just how magic what we are being and doing really is.

He then began to liken our experience of coming into our own mastery to that of the kilanova recently discovered by scientists in space. Our humanity and divinity circling each other in a beautiful dance, inextricably linked through the forces of creation and the gravitational pull making their merging inevitable.

Making their merging inevitable.

And when our divinity and humanity merge into the ONEness of our Being – it is a cosmological event that ripples out into the universe yet is experienced uniquely and intimately only by you as the gift from YOU to you.

A cosmological event that is experienced uniquely and intimately, only by you. Front row seats to a private cosmological event, instigated, co-ordinated, performed all by YOU for YOU – how special does that feel??!

This gift from You to you, which is made more delicious and significant by the choice made to explore and expand creation and consciousness through the experience of your separated and dense human lives.

We are the kilanova. We are two stars – polarized – one in humanity, one in divinity – yet both are the SAME. And the gravitational pull of each towards itself results in the colliding of our SELVES into the ONENESS of SELF. Here, on earth – Divinity of Humanity – Shining bright, as light in form.

Feeling so much love for all my fellow masters and consciousness revolutionaries right now, and sending it far and wide to those of you who are across the globe & cosmos,

Lots of love,

Roisin & Master Francis of Assisi

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