Re-claiming the language of the divine

I grew up Catholic. Not at all a devout Catholic family, but none the less I went to Catholic school and was exposed to all the teachings of the almighty Church. My experience wasn’t bad, I didn’t have a direct terrible experience with it or feel directly dis-empowered. However, it does carry with it many imprints of belief about who and what you are as a human and as a woman, so yes, I wasn’t immune to that. Imprinting of shame, un-worthiness, sinner and meek human desperately bruising my knees (figuratively & literally) praying for forgiveness.

Forgiveness for what exactly – for BEING BORN!!

Yes, that’s the crux of it. According to the doctrine of the church we are born sinners. All our life we have to pray and beg for the forgiveness of our original sin. Even on our death bed we must be cleansed! Original sin for those who don’t know was committed with the eating of an apple by some guy in a garden a couple thousand years ago because some woman duped him into it under the advisement of a snake….

So yeah, we’ve got to pray for our souls for all eternity to wash us of that critical error of judgement! And double so if you are a woman since you instigated the madness and continue to tempt the virtue of men with your very presence.

Needless to say, as soon as I could form any sort of opinion of my own, something just did not wash well with me around this whole religion thing. And in true rebellious style I completely rid myself of any religious beliefs or dogma and declared myself an agnostic.

Not an atheist mind you. An agnostic. Because there was something deeper within that I have always had access to and I was never really convinced of the sheer non-existence of god. Just the existence of a fearsome and despite all words to the contrary, what appeared to be very un-forgiving god I was being presented with.

And then I made some other discoveries. Interesting information about the Law of Attraction and the benevolence of the universe. Source became my god of choice and the universe became my church. And I would devoutly defend them and my right to not taint them with anything to do with religion and god. That was a magic part of my exploration into how I know myself today.

At some point, I started to notice some restrictions within my new belief structure, and that I was essentially doing what I had so detested about religion. I was gospeliz-ing teachings of those from outside of me. I was creating a new religion for myself with new structures and definitions and confinements…. All cloaked within new-age terms and under the guise of consciousness.

I halted. I took a firm look at that one and I decided to walk out of that church also. I bobbed and weaved in different directions and in various circles I heard the terms, god, divine and creator. I balked at this. I wondered how they didn’t realise that god was over-rated and made you do stupid things like genuflect and confess when you were 7 years old and had nothing to confess!

Instinctively I was rallying against anything that was externalizing a power over the human-state of sovereignty. And it took me a while to realise that many had a new, upgraded and truer representation of god. One that was a reflection of the deep, real and innate connection that we instinctively have for what it IS to BE divine. And once I released myself from the shackles of what I thought these words meant and began to create my own experiential relationship to what they actually meant – I began to use them, and use them with intention, clarity and deep respect for my own right to appropriate them!

Because this language is ours.

It doesn’t belong to religion, or the church or to any establishment.

It is our birth-right to acknowledge our own divinity and inherent godliness.

Because that IS truly what we are. We are god-source in form. We came here to experience the divinity of being human. Why is human so divine, because it’s a creation of god!

And guess who the god is? You! And me, and that person sitting over there drinking their coffee. We are all individuated expressions of god come to explore this grand experiment called ‘forgetting you are light’. And most of us are doing a great job of it!

We are forgetting so well that we are on our knees begging for forgiveness for our souls, when our own soul IS that very god! God begging self to save self from self!! Yes, you, human you, begging for the forgiveness or sin of your soul, error of your soul that was so heinous that it cast you into human form to learn your lesson?!

And all this time we’ve been begging for forgiveness for something that doesn’t exist. We haven’t been sent here to atone, we’ve journeyed on a grand experiment on behalf of the divine (which IS us) to experience the whole plethora of options that are available when you separate from spirit into form. Heck maybe, quite possibly we were bored being love & light & ethereal angels so we figured let’s create an elaborate game of hide and seek and let’s play it so well that we get totally lost and may never find our way out until we die. And we all jumped up and down and said pick me first!

We did not get cast out of anywhere for any non-existent committed sins. We choose to experience our divine presence in form here on earth. And remain divine while we do it.

Just like a ray of light from the sun. That ray of light is individually casting itself upon the earth and yet it is not separate from sun. However, it is having an individual light shining experience which is different from the ray that is shining down on the other side of the planet. But neither are not NOT rays of the sun!

Divinity and godliness are inherent in your soul. I have found the more that I have re-claimed these words from that perspective, the more I have allowed myself to step into the true authority and sovereignty of my being.

Each ray of light has exactly the same right and authority to shine as another, and it doesn’t diminish another to do so.

And now more than ever we have a timeline where we can more freely re-claim and re-created the foundations of our beliefs in what it means to be human to be alive to be having an experience called life.

And I for one no longer choose to engage or relate to ANY old patterning that can subversively play out through our energy fields – resulting in diminished feelings of self-worth, value and right to a joyful & creative life – free of guilt & shame.

For me that is coming in many forms, one of them being the language of the divine that I forsake as I felt it forsake me. Well now we embody our own sovereignty and right to realise, re-create, re-invent and REMEMBER the soul truth of the meaning of faith. Faith in the heart of the divine – which is conveniently located right in the center-line of your physical body.

Feel it, know it, re-claim it and you will come to know it as the access to all and the realization of the god that you BE – that we all BE – right there WITH the human. No intermediary of an external deity required.

With so much love, recognition and seeing of the divine that you BE

Namaste {I bow to the divine in you},


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