I remember – Now
I am wild
I am free
I came here to BE – ME
And Now I stand
The precipice ahead
As behind, my wings unfurl
A moment passes…
Containing lifetimes and more
In which I wonder –
Will I hesitate or will I soar?
As the vista unfolds
I can no longer wait
Joyful freedom beckons…
A smile of bliss erupting within
Arms outstretched
In sweet surrender
I Fall….. Into flight
Finally, Free
As I glide, bank,
Turn & twirl
Through the glory & wonder
Of my own creation

Roisin Brady

Inspired by a hawk banking across a valley surrounded by snowy peaks.
I was on retreat this weekend in the most beautiful setting in which I slowed down immensely and let nature, beauty, wonder, stillness, presence in.

What a gift – this life. And the YOU you chose to be.

‘loving yourself is the greatest revolution’ anon

Image is from a trip to Africa. I had no phone on the retreat, so those images are etched in memory & being