Source is not outside of you

Source is not outside of you. It’s not coming through another and not coming through you also. Deifying any teacher or teachings is in some ways no better than traditional religion. Even if the message is empowering.

If you are placing that message, messenger or teacher higher than you, more connected than you, wiser than you, more knowing than you… Then you are again placing ‘it’ – the answer, the ‘source’ outside of you and it is not!

This took me a while to realise, and truth be told I still sometimes insist that someone else has my answer. In those times I seek support and guidance and discern where and who to receive it from. And I allow what I receive to be a confirmation and support of what I already deep down knew, if not consciously. And if it doesn’t, then I leave it.

I say this now because I see some who are really entrenching themselves in the notion that some particular teacher is the source of all things to the exclusion of all else, even themselves.

Even themselves. This part is very subversive and subtle. Often we don’t even realise we are allowing it to happen. But the inclination to externalise is so very insistent in this reality that we do it without realising.

One of the things I passionately want to share and will continue to share, is to let all teachings direct you towards yourself. You, as the individual expression of god-source that you are. When you begin to accept that, that is when you will mine and harvest your own unique wisdom, guidance & ‘life of your dreams’ direct from the source of YOU.

I guess the question is are you ready to be your own source?!


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