There I am, fresh out of an icy dip in Lake Wakatipu. Finally ACTING on intuitive guidance. For months, no years I’ve been hearing things like ‘cold’, ‘fresh’ ‘blue’ & ‘water’.

This is in relation to my physical body & pain issues ongoing. Now being a fairly smart individual you would think I would get the message pretty clearly? Cold, fresh, blue, water.

I live right beside one of the bluest coldest freshest, purist bodies of water in the southern hemisphere.

But no I kept insisting other things… trauma to be cleared, processed worked through, past lives to reconcille, 1000 yoga classes to attend, blocks to be cleared, support to be received etc etc etc.

And then yesterday, I go to the spa. Hot pools, sauna, steam room. I burn myself, TWICE.

Ok. I get it! I’m listening & ACTING.

Plus a Transmission from Higher-self/ME on this topic—–

This is what I’ve been uploading clearly in the past months>>>>

The body’s messages are changing.

Because our consciousness has expanded, changed and received more of itself through awareness. No more are we the unconscious beings walking around in a fog with our body attempting to signal us to wake up.

The generalised messages of blocks, emotional restrictions & hurts to heal & resolve are not going to give you the insight & resolution they once may have.

Because your body (s) are not generalised. They are specific to YOU and the consciousness that you BE.

Which means, if you are an ‘advanced’ soul (this is not heirarchy – just terminology to convey in a way the human can relate to), if you are conscious, awake and living through the experience of your awakening then the messages from your body are going to be MORE specific. TO YOU.

Because you are already existing in a ‘new’ consciousness that is expanded beyond that of the mental & emotional grid systems.

So while yes, you may still resonate on some level with the generalised messages of the body, you will increasingly find that the resolutions, aha’s and ACTUAL CHANGES will occur when you surrender to the completely irrelevant & ‘left field’ messages that seem to have nothing whatso-ever to do with anything you can ‘release’.

Cold, fresh, blue, water.

In this case, not because it’s going to ‘fix’ you. But because it is going to allow you to descend into your body in a way that is specific to you.

And yes. It is different.

And yes. It is somewhat annoying for your small personality.

And yes. It is inconvenient to have to get in cold, cold water.

But it is also NONE of those things.

It is also ALLOWING of your intuitive actions to move. Which is mostly fun.

But does require change and willingness to act in different ways.

The body’s messages (for those of you ‘advancing’ in your awakened state) are no longer about clearing and resolving in the way you have understood previously.

They are now inviting you forward into more of you and the clearing is simply the letting go, not diving back into to resolve. That resolution IS important for your integration, but now what is important is your Act-i-gration.

And your body will be directing you ALL-ways toward the highest act-i-gration of your souls expression.

Which by it’s very nature is going to be HIGHLY SPECIFIC TO YOU!

Inconvenient at times, maybe, but only for the personality who has to give up it’s resistance to be in control of outcomes!