Support in moving into the ‘final frontier’ of your creator abilities

A call out to my fellow masters. Those of you who have been quietly (perhaps very secretly!) allowing the presence of your True Self to come to the forefront of your knowing – Well I see you & I love you – take my hand – It’s time to Shine <3

Here is a piece I transmitted today that may support you in moving into the ‘final frontier’ of your creator abilities. This relates to the chakra-toroid fields and the fact that some of us have chosen to integrate the awakening of each field ‘in reverse’. Though in truth it is far from a linear process and so the image of the rose spiralling open is one I like – many things are occurring simultaneously until it opens fully.

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“Each chakra is its own unique and individual toroidal {self-generating} field. It is the source of its own field contained within the larger source of the zero point field of your consciousness. However within the physical form it is its own perpetual field of creation.

It is each of these layers of toroidal fields or chakras that then in turn create and tune into the various differing levels of belief systems which you are coming to understand now as grid systems.

For it is these grid systems within which you all connect and share these unspoken foundations of existence.

And it is through the chakra points that the grids connect into the framework of form via integration with the toroidal energy field that both captures ad creates these structures {belief systems}.

The body is a good indicator of which grid field you are still connected into or struggling to tune-out-of in order to create and capture the new upgraded and more expanded grid here in form.

This is why the reverse process of integration of the chakras is happening. For many of you are understanding and knowing and feeling through your heightened access through the upper 4 chakric fields {and associated belief structures} and thus into and the creation of higher fields of consciousness within which the grid systems contain more expansive beliefs or structures of viewing the world.

However the translation of this being-ness into form and more accurately ‘outward’ action – with complete integrity of the full extent of ones knowingness – is where the final frontier of embodiment lies now for many of you.

The human will still exist and so it is vital that the human aspect of showing up in the world in an ‘action’ oriented fashion is allowed to upgrade the grid systems connected into the lower chakra fields which relate directly to this.

Your understanding is here, your knowingness is here, and your presence is here, what is ‘missing’ is your ability to translate this into materialization in the world of human activity and in essence creator ability.

Because this journey has been in reverse – you have allowed yourself to open, to receive information, to see differently to speak differently and to feel differently – now it is time to allow the completion of the opening of the rose of your being and bring it fully and completely in to the action and experience of your beingness in form as YOU, as the identity that you have chosen for this journey.

When you master this you will truly be bringing your whole self to the ‘party’ of your creation for you have already allowed the presence of your being to enter through the most integral field of BEING – the heart.”

All my love, let’s shine beautifuls

Roisin Brady


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