Grief & Tears – what’s happening energetically..

What's REALLY happening energetically when we experience these emotions and why it's so important, if you want to create change, to embrace it.....

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The hidden drawbacks of spiritual community

Ever feel like you missed the memo about the importance of spiritual community? Or perhaps you have become dis-illusioned with it? Or you're endlessly, deep diving into how not fitting in is your issue? Well what if it's not that important, what if you're disillusioned because your intuition is on point and what if it's [...]

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The Simplicity of Multi-Dimensional Living

Covered heaps in this one including.... - Small acts as a reference point for how multi-faceted you are allowing your life to be - flat & boring or rich & diverse? - how you dissipate fear of yourself & life - living beyond goals into the full expression of individuated god-source consciousness Enjoy!!

Let go to let yourself GLOW!

Big changes are on the horizon for me at the moment so I'm talking, thinking and being with all the ways we can let go, all the ways we try to hold on and how we can go beyond that and lean into whats really next for us to create.

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