Come …..

Come sweet one, come Where the innocence & wonder spills forth And your steps fall lightly Softly padded underfoot Come sweet one, come Breathe deep this air Rich with life & death, as the living weaves its way Up through the fertile essence of decay Come sweet one, come Where the canopy of time Rises [...]

Rimu reflections

Inescapable stillness As the quiet prevails Ancient wonders Grasp our breaths on the air The world stands still As we listen in awe The forest teaching wisdoms Wordlessly with skill Our smiles reach our hearts As the Rimu glints Through the spark of our eyes And patience of time Felt deep to the core We [...]

Nature’s Balm

Nature’s Balm Gentle lapping, Waters on stone Shrill singing, Birds in trees Chirping chorus, Cicadas in grass Playful, splashing Miller Fishing wheel, Whirring on line Pen, gliding on page Sun blazing, highlighting blue Sunday On the shores of Lake Wakatipu

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The Simplicity of Multi-Dimensional Living

Covered heaps in this one including.... - Small acts as a reference point for how multi-faceted you are allowing your life to be - flat & boring or rich & diverse? - how you dissipate fear of yourself & life - living beyond goals into the full expression of individuated god-source consciousness Enjoy!!

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