The Better it Get’s, the Better it Get’s

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Lately things have been going really well in my life. Not just well, but REALLY well. And the other day as I was driving down the road with my partner I realised I was feeling a little bit uncomfortable about just how well everything has been going. Like no matter how good it gets there [...]

Think like an athlete & cross-train your life!

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After spending the last year mostly writing about Queenstown and my 52 Remarkable Weeks, I’m a little out of practice of writing about anything else! But interestingly that very habit combined with my nerdy love of the body and moving has me musing about how we get stuck in doing things a certain way…. The [...]

7. Life Coach Training…. The end is just the begining!

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It’s official – I am a certified Life Coach. 12 months of classes, course work and, of course, coaching and now I’m certified, woo hoo! Done, accomplished, finished, wrapped up…. certified… Sooooo, what now?! […]

3. Life Coach Training… The Power of Vulnerability

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The self-doubt and eternal questioning raged on. I schedule a session with a fellow student for me to be coached. We had connected under the agreement that we take turns 'practicing' with each other, one week she coached, the next week I coach. This is standard practice and gives us the benefit of practicing with [...]