Who is serving who?

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Recently I dropped my phone in the toilet (thankfully before the act!). I was out and about so of course it resulted in a mad dash home to save the sacred phone. Which makes sense to do so; they are not in-expensive pieces of equipment, not to mention all the memories, information and means of [...]

Why sometimes you just need to SUCK at something!

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This week I’ve been playing with the newest online toy – Periscope. If you’ve not heard of it yet, it’s a live streaming app. It broadcasts your videos into a social media feed so people can watch and listen to you LIVE. Sounds fun right? Um, not really, it sounds scary, sort of like public [...]

Thank you & Goodbye to ‘The Pill’

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I recently decided to go off the contraceptive pill. I’ve been on the pill for about 15 years, and my decision is not based on contraception. What has transpired in the last few weeks is a deeper connection to my body, my divine feminine body. And the ‘decision’ feels like a response to my body’s [...]

4. Life Coach Training… Getting it Done V Enjoying it

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Homework time! Yes, I have homework and assignments and study to do. Initially I got the old feeling of 'oh so much to do, just get it done', but then I thought again - Why are you embarking on this new career? I am doing it because its a subject I am passionate about, I'm [...]