Who are you listening to?

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Once when I was in college I had a friend tell me they could see me being a writer. This was news to me. I actually never really saw that about myself, but I did quite like the idea and probably somewhere deep down I did want it. This friend didn’t really know me all [...]

Think like an athlete & cross-train your life!

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After spending the last year mostly writing about Queenstown and my 52 Remarkable Weeks, I’m a little out of practice of writing about anything else! But interestingly that very habit combined with my nerdy love of the body and moving has me musing about how we get stuck in doing things a certain way…. The [...]

7. Life Coach Training…. The end is just the begining!

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It’s official – I am a certified Life Coach. 12 months of classes, course work and, of course, coaching and now I’m certified, woo hoo! Done, accomplished, finished, wrapped up…. certified… Sooooo, what now?! […]

1. Life Coach Training… Decision Time

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How does a decision to Be a Life Coach come about?! Well for me, it started with an argument I had with my other half in September 2013. Nothing like a bit of turmoil to get you thinking outside the box! Without delving too much into the argument side of things, the outcome was that [...]