How to not give a f*&k what other people think so you can do you

Stop second guessing yourself and worrying about your friends, your family, your partner, your community..... all of this is feeding into your conformity and shutting down of your true desires/message/mission/LIFE!! I'm going to take you through exactly what not giving a f*&K, in a highly spiritual, but non-conformist way looks like for me. Because no [...]

Why I don’t want to help you

Yes. You did read that correctly. I don’t want to help you. That’s my raw, real truth for today. ‘Helping’ is not my deal. I didn’t come here to ‘help’. Plain and simple. I’m not here to help solve problems, I’m not here to help fix what’s broken, and I’m not here to help heal. [...]

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Why sometimes you just need to SUCK at something!

This week I’ve been playing with the newest online toy – Periscope. If you’ve not heard of it yet, it’s a live streaming app. It broadcasts your videos into a social media feed so people can watch and listen to you LIVE. Sounds fun right? Um, not really, it sounds scary, sort of like public [...]

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Be the Person You would Love to Coach

*While this post is about coaching, I firmly believe you could switch out the word ‘coach’ for whatever your profession is and get some value from this message!!* Yesterday I watched a training that really inspired me. It was from one of my favourite coaches. Whilst, he is one of my favourite coaches, he also [...]

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