Fuck your WHY & the train it rolled in on

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I’ve had my fill of why. I sort of annoy the heck out of myself with why. I’ve just got that kind of a brain, ya know? I like questions & I love answers even more, so I’m always asking why something.   Which is sort of what started this whole thing to begin with. [...]

The Better it Get’s, the Better it Get’s

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Lately things have been going really well in my life. Not just well, but REALLY well. And the other day as I was driving down the road with my partner I realised I was feeling a little bit uncomfortable about just how well everything has been going. Like no matter how good it gets there [...]

The Gift that is a Mortgage

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This week we bought a house. It was a pretty effortless transaction being that we’ve lived in the house for five years and always treated it as our home. When our friend and landlord called us to see if we wanted to buy it, it was a no brainer, in fact it was already done [...]

Thank you & Goodbye to ‘The Pill’

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I recently decided to go off the contraceptive pill. I’ve been on the pill for about 15 years, and my decision is not based on contraception. What has transpired in the last few weeks is a deeper connection to my body, my divine feminine body. And the ‘decision’ feels like a response to my body’s [...]