Energetic upgrades. The oxy-moron of ‘sending’ love & light. Aka, you DON’T.

A new way to look at this one...!

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The Simplicity of Multi-Dimensional Living

Covered heaps in this one including.... - Small acts as a reference point for how multi-faceted you are allowing your life to be - flat & boring or rich & diverse? - how you dissipate fear of yourself & life - living beyond goals into the full expression of individuated god-source consciousness Enjoy!!

The Language of the Divine is OURS

Are you a spiritual gangster but balk when you hear the terms God, Holy Spirit, Worship, Devotion or anything in relation to RELIGION?!! Then it's time to upgrade and re-claim what's yours...! Originally a FB Live - Might be some fuzzy quality parts. If you prefer to read you can check it out the blog [...]