Life Coach Training with the QSCA

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In December 2014 I became certified as a Quantum Success Coach through Christy Whitman’s Quantum Success Coaching Academy.  It was 12 months of weekly classes, followed by three months to complete all the requirements; so for me that was 15 months in total until I was complete and certified. I’ve seen a few people lately [...]

My FB post got deleted…!

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So I just posted about feeling really angry around a situation in my life that’s starting to really get on my nerves. I posted to a group that I thought had my back and I was free to be me. I thought true and ‘real’ conversation was what that group was about, even when the [...]

6. Life Coach Training… Questioning Skills

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One of the key elements of effective coaching is the ability to ask questions. It really is a skill that needs developing and it’s definitely a brain train to focus on questions as opposed to responses. But with practice, its one that I’m finding is getting easier and easier. The real value of this skill [...]

5. Life Coach Training…. Business Building (aka Belief Building!!)

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The third module is Business Building. This is a really interesting and content rich couple of weeks and there are lots of cool things to learn and explore around the topic. I have experience with business and marketing, but marketing myself is a different story altogether! When you have a 'traditional' idea or a business [...]

4. Life Coach Training… Getting it Done V Enjoying it

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Homework time! Yes, I have homework and assignments and study to do. Initially I got the old feeling of 'oh so much to do, just get it done', but then I thought again - Why are you embarking on this new career? I am doing it because its a subject I am passionate about, I'm [...]

3. Life Coach Training… The Power of Vulnerability

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The self-doubt and eternal questioning raged on. I schedule a session with a fellow student for me to be coached. We had connected under the agreement that we take turns 'practicing' with each other, one week she coached, the next week I coach. This is standard practice and gives us the benefit of practicing with [...]