7. Life Coach Training…. The end is just the begining!

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It’s official – I am a certified Life Coach. 12 months of classes, course work and, of course, coaching and now I’m certified, woo hoo! Done, accomplished, finished, wrapped up…. certified… Sooooo, what now?! […]

6. Life Coach Training… Questioning Skills

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One of the key elements of effective coaching is the ability to ask questions. It really is a skill that needs developing and it’s definitely a brain train to focus on questions as opposed to responses. But with practice, its one that I’m finding is getting easier and easier. The real value of this skill [...]

1. Life Coach Training… Decision Time

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How does a decision to Be a Life Coach come about?! Well for me, it started with an argument I had with my other half in September 2013. Nothing like a bit of turmoil to get you thinking outside the box! Without delving too much into the argument side of things, the outcome was that [...]