How to not give a f*&k what other people think so you can do you

Stop second guessing yourself and worrying about your friends, your family, your partner, your community..... all of this is feeding into your conformity and shutting down of your true desires/message/mission/LIFE!! I'm going to take you through exactly what not giving a f*&K, in a highly spiritual, but non-conformist way looks like for me. Because no [...]

You are the guru!

If you are feeling confused and your instincts have you questioning the absoluteness of certain spiritual teachings then this video is for you. You are always your highest answer. Originally a FB Livestream hence the fuzzy quality in parts. Here is the link to read the blog post HERE

It doesn’t have to make sense

So often we want to do things in our life, make changes, move forward, try something new. And at first it feels like a really good idea, your gut instinct is telling you to go for it and all you feel is excitment, anticipation and a knowing that it's the right thing to do. Then [...]

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