Less Control More Leadership

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Are you approaching your life & business an over-zealous dose of CONTROL? Probably?! Or is that deep down you know you are? And also deep down you KNOW that is never going to work for you, or satisfy you, or allow you to have the purpose driven life & business you KNOW you are meant for? [...]

One fear to rule them all…..

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If you are not moving forward in your life in the direction you really want, if you are not really creating a life you love and if you are not following your passions, it’s because there is something holding you back. And that something is fear. Now, we could go down the road of asking [...]

5. Life Coach Training…. Business Building (aka Belief Building!!)

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The third module is Business Building. This is a really interesting and content rich couple of weeks and there are lots of cool things to learn and explore around the topic. I have experience with business and marketing, but marketing myself is a different story altogether! When you have a 'traditional' idea or a business [...]