The Gift that is a Mortgage

This week we bought a house. It was a pretty effortless transaction being that we’ve lived in the house for five years and always treated it as our home. When our friend and landlord called us to see if we wanted to buy it, it was a no brainer, in fact it was already done on many levels, and this was simply ‘reality’ catching up with the fact!

So we have a house that we can now call our own and with that comes the big M. It’s been interesting watching the process of excitement at being able to buy the house followed by a slight panic when I think of the impending increase to our weekly expenses.

It was during a conversation with a good friend of mine that I had a light bulb moment. She proclaimed that she’d love to buy her property without a mortgage, to that I responded ‘great, but what if you have a mortgage and it’s no big deal?!’

How often have you heard people say they’d love to live mortgage free?
We finally get the mortgage that we once so desperately wanted, and all of a sudden we turn it into a burden. Being mortgage free is of course a wonderful thing, but why does having a mortgage have to be such a burden?

So what if it is no big deal?  What if in fact it’s a super duper big gift that is a reflection of the many ways you are already abundantly prosperous?! After all a mortgage is the equivalent of the bank saying to you, ‘yeah, I trust you are good for $500k’ and then giving it to you!

How cool is that? Someone or some entity, in this case a bank, looks at who you are and what you are about and deduces that you are good for a $500k loan. That’s actually quite brilliant when you think about it. It’s an outside acknowledgement that you are resourceful enough to generate all the money to pay for the mortgage (plus the interest!) as well as live your life. It’s an external belief in you that you can tap into the flow of money to continue to pay on time.

When you get a mortgage you start asking questions like ‘how are we going to pay this and still have a great life?’, so you find a way. You find a way to let more money into your experience and somehow you do, somehow it all gets paid.

A mortgage has movement and momentum about it, which is much more dynamic in terms of energy flow than the static state of owning something.  Which is great news, because money is energy; it loves to move and flow. Tapping into the flow of money is not something that is static, we don’t own money, we experience it and the more we are tapped into this flow, the more we will experience it.

And guess what?

Having a mortgage is trusting in this flow. When you sign those documents you are saying, ‘yes, I’m good for $500k!’ You activate another level of motivation to generate more money. Sure at the time you might not know how or where it’s going to keep coming from, but none the less you trust that you can do what it takes to make it happen.

How often do we trust ourselves that much? I know for me, trusting me is something there is much more room for, so I’m seeing the gift that this mortgage is. An amazing opportunity to tap into the flow of money,  letting more come into my experience  (because it has to!) and most importantly my ability to trust that I can do that, I can generate and create more!

The bank says I can, so it must be true!

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