Creativity – It’s equally the most under-valued commodity AND at the same time the most valued commodity.

Under valued in the insidious & subtle ways it’s actually de-valued in society. Yes, actively de-valued. Just ask anyone who has proclaimed they wanted to invent things, create things, be an artist or a writer.

Apparently you can’t make money out of it, it’s ridiculous and doesn’t make sense, no one will need that, regular people don’t use those things, what is it anyway?

Grow up and be sensible. Creativity is a hobby, for kids, entertainment – Not a valuable commodity to build a life around in the world’s economy today.



He’s a creative genius, she’s changed the world with that idea, we need more people who think like that, we need more innovative ideas to transform these issues…. That person lives an amazing life because they followed their crazy ideas and it worked… Millionaire, billionaire, leader, business owner, success story… creative magician inspiring us all!


But those are the special people right?

Not you? Not your kids? Not your friends? Not your siblings?

No. The special people.

Do you think the special people feel like the special people?

Do you think they felt they out of EVERYONE got a free pass to ‘not grow up’ so they could follow their crazy ideas and create?

I don’t think so. I think they couldn’t stomach the feeling, the literal, visceral feeling of stifling up that inspiration and creation within.

The stomach churning, irrational, unreasonable, irritablity that comes with Stiflling yourself.

Waging an inner battle to keep it all in. While the outer world mirrors this by confusing us.

Demanding that we be creative, innovative & inspired, while simultaneously asking that it not be TOO different, too out there, too weird, too wacky, too challenging.

And of course that it be good enough first time round. It’s got to be perfect first, otherwise you’re a fool with unrealistic ideas. No room for the CREATIVE PROCESS. Just land on perfect brilliance first time please.


It’s better than being too much right?

I guess if you like living with stomach churning dread that your life is slipping out of your hands into the mundane of daily un-inspired repetition of conversations, actions & barely living.

Or you can decide to end the contradiction starting with you.

That’s what I did. Because after you break-down and go on anti-depressants the stifling of your soul screams even louder, despite how much you try and numb yourself with pills from hearing it.

Listen instead of numbing. Speak instead of staying quiet. Open instead of shutting down. Create instead of being sensible, feed your soul instead of starving it for the sake of ‘the way it is’.

The way it is is the way you decide.

Which is where it all starts after all. The ending of the contradiction.

With us. Each one of us.

We do change the world. Not necessarly by the big ideas. But with the small, daily actions of being, of choosing, of allowing.

Allowing what?

That’s for you to decide

And do me a favour – be creative with it.

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