The Lion’s Gate Portal

Lot’s of talk about the Lion’s Gate Portal lately, which has already begun in it’s ‘opening of the highway’ that it is offering. I tuned into this today as I’ve had some awarenesses landing in recent days and this is part of what came through –

On the Lion’s Gate…

“This portal is indeed one that IS within you and within all, and though you traversed the universal plane to ‘arrive there’ in readiness, as you experienced, that was all from within the stillness and timelessness and “standing’ still place of your consciousness, the access was you the portal is you.

And this marker of time was placed here by You, by You All as part of the architecture of building upon the grid systems of the new earth, within which many of you are beginning to exist at this time. It is also as you recalled, quantum in its access as an individuated consciousness, and so there is no need for any ‘fear of missing out’ or ‘not being ready’, for it is accessible now and always, as you placed it there FOR you.

These markers of time have been created, or ‘put in place’ by your future self or higher frequency self to assist you in recognizing and traversing your own journey as to when you decide to quantum jump into a more expansive dimensional of consciousness and thus reality.
As a collective this is significant for these markers of time give the opportunity for all, or some, to come together in the highest of intentions to pool collectively the resources of your creational fields, that ARE your individual and empowered sovereign consciousness’s, to allow for the establishment of energetic grids which make it easier for others to ground in or find foundation and access to these escalated frequencies. As well as for yourselves to more embody those states of being that invite in a greater ease of creation.

It is the perfect time to reaffirm and say yes to the greater mission of your souls’ journey, although note that this may eventuate in the falling away of things from the human perspective. Many paths may change to reflect greater alignment with that, for the human self may have had notions and plans that do not serve in the higher purpose of your souls’ mission and if you choose to say yes fully to that, then someone may be disappointed!

Some-one being an aspect of your personality that may have to re-orient to how it sees itself and its own journey, however this can be a very swift process and can allow for instantaneous realignment with the more expanded mission if you fully allow it. Which you yourself have experienced.

Flexibility and a willingness to increasingly ‘jump’ into new levels of understanding which may often mean letting go and dismantling of ideologies you held dear for a long time on your journeys of evolution. Any inclination to hold-on to those is stemming from the human identity wishing to ‘keep’ that which defines it. And the opportunity is to explore beyond definitions into the totality of the ALLness that you be and have access to.

We like the analogy of clinging to the identity of a ‘star sign’ – there may be qualities of ones star sign that one may love and define oneself by and so there is the unwillingness to let go of identifying with it. However what is being offered as it’s replacement is the opportunity to embody ALL star-signs elevated qualities and more beyond… yet why would one continue to cling to the smaller definition?! Why would one want to keep a tatty old coat when a brand new one is sitting on the rack waiting to be picked up? Attachment!
This is a more light-hearted analogy that many may be able to relate to as a reference for remaining open to dismantling even that which you have held true AND has served you for so long.

You simply let it go, not because it is wrong, by because you have ‘outgrown’ it, literally and figuratively. Continued attempts to fit yourself back into old boxes, even ones that served greatly in your evolution, will cause you frustration as you will not experience the results you desire based on your previous experience with those. Because your frequencies are heightening and so your reference points are moving and ‘jumping’ also.

Which is exactly the opportunity of this lion’s gate portal, to establish a connection and access to the new frequency reference point from which the next level of awareness and tools, and exploration can then be revealed to you in form – via your own decoding of the light activations that are accompanying this marker of time. All of which have been placed there by the ‘future’ you, and the ‘future’ collective.”

Let’s welcome with open arms our own creation!

Lot’s of love,

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