The real message behind your injuries

A year ago I discovered I had no movement or connection with my right little toe. Seems a random thing to discover, but that’s what happens when you take a yoga teacher training! Anyhow, for some reason that immobile little toe captured my attention and it became a mission to ‘wake it up’ again.

And I have. It now moves as easily as the rest of my toes. And all I did was focus on it at random times through-out my day and get really excited when it moved slightly after much staring.

I know it’s just a toe!!

And I know it would be a much more compelling and interesting story if it was a bigger body part that I managed to ‘wake up’ and re-activate, but in case you haven’t picked up on it yet…. I’m a fan of symbolism.

So maybe it’s not your little toe, maybe it’s your back (yes, I have a back issue too!), maybe it’s your elbow, your knee, your neck … something in your body that’s ‘switched off’, dormant, unwilling and able to function fully and freely.

Well firstly forget about the mystical ‘why’. Don’t bother about figuring out the hidden lesson. I certainly didn’t ask ‘what’s the message behind my little toe?!’

I mean I could have, and actually I’m surprised I didn’t! Because I do LOVE looking for the message, but with something as innocuous as a toe why would I?!

So I didn’t.

And a year later I have two feet that are functioning WAY more effectively than ever before in my life…. which is actually amazing considering our feet are the foundation for our body, our home in this reality.

All it took was a few months actually, of consistently giving attention and intention to MOVE to said foot and toe.

And now I realise I could do the same with my back problem, if I REALLY wanted to.

Because I’ve started to settle for living with pain. I mean why would someone settle for living with chronic pain?

It’s so fascinating to me that I would do this, that I am doing this even and despite all that I know about the body, about the emotional and metaphysical connection and about those messages that I love so much.

And that’s part of it. I have been sort of addicted to messages, to the why, to the REAL reason behind it all….. to the point that I’m waiting for the ‘answer’ to reveal itself to me in meditation, or journalling, or whenever and THEN the pain will miraculously go away.

That CAN happen, but it hasn’t for me and I’ve had many messages about this pain. But those aren’t actually the REAL message.

And seriously what did I say to you, just a moment ago??

I said forget about the why, forget about the message.Sometimes you just don’t need it and sometimes it’s just TOO damn obvious for you too actually see it.

Because what if the message is purely that your body wants you to MOVE it or it will continue to slowly shut down in all the places that you are not moving it?

What if that’s not even a message, but a simple biological fact?

What if your body, your sentient body is so passionate about movement that it’s willing to cause you so much pain to wake you up to the fact that IT wants YOU to MOVE IT?

The fact is, you came here to be in a body, you came here to experience the bliss and joy of sensual and free and wild movement in all it’s glory.

And your body signed up for that too and maybe it’s a little pissed now you decided your ‘too busy’ for that.

Maybe it’s going to metaphorically stamp it’s feet on your spine until you actually listen to it.

And it doesn’t really want to talk about whether you are ‘supporting’ yourself enough (an often used back message), I MEAN IT COULD, and that CAN be helpful…. but what your body REALLY WANTS is for you to CONSCIOUSLY EMBODY it in a greater, more secure, more dynamically activated way.

And that happens through movement, through awareness, through curiosity and through a willingness to be excited by the possibility that after a few months of focused awareness you will get that toe to move on command!

And what if, just maybe, your injury is an invitation to a whole new journey of how you experience your body, and ultimately YOURSELF as you move through the world and take up even more space within your true earthly home, your sacred, sentient body?

Now that’s a message to get MOVING with.


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