And so it arrived

Eons stretching out

Eternity meeting

In a moment

As the rage erupted

Summoned from the deep

Whence it was cast

In shame

In despair

In all consuming fear

And dimensions shook

From the gravity formed

Reality devoured in its wake

Desolation made waste

Vacuous space

True Creation called forth –

The Summoning –

Enter if you dare

Your heart, eternity – awaits


Roisin Brady

An energetic re-telling of a night my peaceful, zenu home shook in the wake of my soul. 

These poems are experiential. Different to the blogs I usually write which appeal to the reasoning mind to convey broader perspectives.

These poems sear past the reasoning mind to reach or touch the place within you that longs for AND already knows true experience.

They make ‘no sense’, but they awaken the SENSE.

I recommend you read slowly – also by design to shatter that incessant seeking.