Un-Hinge Your Worth

When nothing is left –

When you feel the weight of failure

The weight of fraud

The weight of dreams un-met

Of tasks undone

Of accomplishment unseen

And accolades unmade

When nothing is left –

No trappings to cling to

No success to hang from

No title to claim

No validation to refuge in

No identity to mold & define

When nothing is left –

Dive deeper

Un-Hinge your worth

From all you would place it in

Stand naked in the black

And face the nothing

Where ALL is seen

And revel in the un-hinged, untethered YOU – that you BE

Pure Sovereignty Expressing –

Worthiness need not apply

Roisin xoxo

inspired by many, many things exiting my life in recent years and many more things…. slow to eventuate…. I realised in recent weeks, it’s all FOR me. When there is nothing external left to cling to…. the only way left, is IN.