When is a cold not just a cold? {When you are a multi-dimensional being of light of course!}

I’ve had an awful cold for the last few days. It’s interesting because I just remarked to someone recently that I haven’t been sick in a long time. I almost said it with a badge of honor, like in my mind I was thinking how aligned I must be for not having been sick.

A previous version of me would have taken being sick very literally as a metaphysical prod for me to resolve something. Something that needed addressing, a blocked chakra that needed clearing or an old ‘past life’ wound that required my attention. Of course, that was an upgrade from the even more previous version who would have went to the doctor thinking she had caught something and required some medicine to ingest in order to fix the ailing body.

What’s interesting is that I didn’t step beyond the former previous version of me (the healing/resolving version) until I came down with this cold last Friday. In fact, I was somewhat dismayed and incredulous that I could be sick, even ego bruised! Surely, I’ve been more aligned than ever I thought to myself, surely, I can’t possibly have created this sickness because my throat chakra is blocked? I mean if I’m not speaking my truth right now, what the heck IS my truth?!!

But sick I was and unhappy and very dis-allowing of it I also was!

Friday I told myself I would be fine. Have some soup, focus on work and I’ll come right by the end of the day. By the evening, I felt terrible. Never mind I thought, good night sleep and I’ll feel better on Saturday. I commanded it.

Saturday I felt like shit. Saturday I told myself I would feel better on Sunday. I commanded it. Sunday I felt worse.

So, I gave in. I stopped trying to command myself to be better. And I decided not to entertain for a second that I had some more inner resolving to do… because I’m done with that at least for a month!

Instead I decided that my body must know what it is doing and that I simply would get out of the way and let it do its thing and honor, with as much grace as possible, that I couldn’t go climbing up some silks or walking up mountains for the weekend.

And then last night as I was about to go to sleep I had a vision/experience – let’s call it a visioning experience.

I could see and perceive streams of multi-colored lights, prisms – that appeared almost as individual rivers of sand, moving through and around my field and my body in a very elaborate grid system. And along with that I had the awareness or realization from my higher self that the cold was a requirement to weaken or soften the structure of my DNA so that my body could allow further activation and allowing of the crystalline DNA structure. My recent expansion and increased access to higher frequencies of me has called this forth because I am ready for it.

Now isn’t that a very interesting and upgraded way of relating to being sick?

That I am ready for more, that I am activated already and being sick is temporary by-product of cellular restructuring?

I don’t know about you but that is one heck of a perspective upgrade for me!

I’m not sharing this as some sort of ‘look at how activated I am’. Truthfully, I feel there is so much more yet to be revealed to me and a lot already that I feel ill-equipped to fully explain, translate and de-code into this reality of form. For myself! Not just for teaching or offering to others!

I’m sharing it because at each stage of discovering ‘more’ I’ve shared it. It’s what I do. And I mostly do it for me, sorry not sorry.

Because I doubt I will ever be satisfied that ‘this is how it’s done’. Really, I won’t! Just when I’ve always thought I figured out ‘this is how it’s done’ something else, something new gets revealed to me and blows open a whole other realm of possible ‘this is how it’s done’ scenarios.

I mean how boring is it to stay somewhere when you are done with it? And by that, I mean staying in either version 1.1 who only goes to the doctor, or version 1.2 who explores the metaphysical healing that’s required – or any other version of yourself that’s starting to feel stale and ‘been here’ already.

Sure, you can tell yourself you’re not done with it, and that’s fine too…. But if you’re like me, I’m guessing you are…. You’ll be done with it sooner or later. And that shiny object syndrome that you think is such a flaw will lead you onwards into more expansion and more illusions being shattered and seen for what they are.

That is to say – multi-dimensional experiences.

What does that mean? A cold is not just a cold. A cold is also a metaphysical symptom of something you could resolve within your energy field. And it’s the structure of your body weakening and softening to allow-in crystalline DNA. And it’s your human body feeling sore and tired. And it’s probably something else beyond all of that. The awareness of the multi-dimensional aspect of what’s occurring is what allows you to choose which of those realities you focus on.

And thus, activate that scenario and outcome into your physical experience.

What am I choosing? Activation of crystalline DNA and even greater embodiment and access to 5th dimensional frequencies. Can I explain completely and indepthly exactly what all of that is – not quite yet. But could I actively explain any of the personal development ideas, or Law of Attraction based teachings when I first discovered them 10 years ago? No! Can I now? YES! And I can also dismantle them to see how they too caused their own limitations. Which is why I’ve given myself permission to move beyond that which I once thought was the only truth.

When the inner knowingness and trust is there, you say YES. It’s that YES, that allows the mastery to follow. The mastery of teaching, the mastery of living, the mastery of BEING. You say YES and THEN. But your mind wants the proof first and it can’t have it.

So you have to choose, your limited mind that want’s proof of everything or your access to your innate trust and knowingness?

AND what if you choose the later and get rewarded with all the proof you need?

When is a cold not just a cold? When you decide to know that you ARE a multi-dimensional being of light.

Roisin xoxo

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