I’ve been reading Stephen Kings book On Writing. It’s proving very enjoyable.

However, I am struck by one thought. Apart from my secondary level education, I have not read or studied the craft of writing.

If I had, I possibly would never have written a single word.

I’m convinced that the quickest way to suppress ones creative talents, particularly those of us afflicted with high standards, is to enter into an earnest studying of said creative talents.

Even now, writing this, with my new found knowledge of what justifies good and bad writing, I feel awash with doubt & questions. Is my sentence structure ok? Is it truthful? Have I used un-necessary words? etc etc….!

Not to mention, as I read page after page of On Writing, experiencing my mind, unbidden, casting itself back to think of the potential embarrassment and writing faux pas committed over the years.

In this case, potential embarrassment, not actual, as I am proud of my work thus far. If nothing else, merely for the fact that I DID it.

Because creativity and the ability to express it, is an innate and precious part of our humanity.

Do not let any rules of good art and bad art, right way and wrong way, well meaning as they may be, stand in the way of expressing your souls creative voice.

Historically it’s been those very artists who have broken the rules and continue to, that are the ones who have allowed for groundbreaking freedom of expression.

And whether your creativity is destined to go down amongst the annals of creative geniuses matters not. If you express freely, you will have broken through.

Into you.

Over time you may discover an inner confidence, clarity, self-respect and love – your creator status – finally qualified by the creator.


Roisin xox

PS. Definitely recommend reading On Writing! Lot’s of gems, particularly for the fiction writers among us.