Why not Manifest a Lotto Win?!!

A wonderful peer of mine recently asked me if I truly believed and understood Law of Attraction, then why not simply ‘solve’ all my ‘problems’ with a lottery win?

Why indeed?! Well this was my response… the short version!

Personally the lotto is never something I have desired or wanted, I’ve always been interested in creating, or generating money through business. Putting forth focus and energy into something and seeing it create money out of nothing is really always how I saw myself ‘getting’ money as it where. But in recent years I have had a big experience with a previous business venture and it gave me BUNDLES of clarity around money!!
I gained a deep knowing that passion doesn’t follow money, as in, the idea that when you get the money, then you follow your passion (the age old saying money doesn’t make you happy – but this is much deeper than that) – I’ve really come to realise and KNOW deeply that MONEY FOLLOWS PASSION. This whole idea of financial freedom is not something that actually truly drives someone, because what does it really ‘mean’, ‘financially free’??

Where is the deep heart centered connection to your life passions in that statement?!!! As it is this heart center and our passion, that is truly the place we create from.

Which brings me to the ease of being able to manifest a lottery win…. I mean why aren’t all the people who know about LOA and focusing their energy, not manifesting lottery wins?? Well from my experience MONEY alone is not a big enough driver of your energy. And by that I mean to focus your energy solely on money is, in my opinion, not that easy as there is no passion behind money itself, it is the passion of activity or passion of being, that gets money flowing into your experience.

That is where the juice of life is, that is where the ease of focus is!

Isn’t it just much more fun to continuously generate money through activity and alignment….?!
Money is energy after all, and it likes to flow and move and when it is stagnant in a bank account it actually doesn’t really ‘feel’ all that amazing, because it want’s to be spent, it want’s to flow into the economy and expand. And if you are spending and not creating more at the same time, then that does not feel good, and you can begin to fall into the lack perspective of ‘I have to keep the money, there is not enough!’ which is why I think so many lotto winners go broke.

There is also the idea that ‘winning the lotto’ is not actually a true belief in abundance, because you are sort of saying that money can only be easy if I ‘win’ a lump sum – when actually a much more abundant perspective is ‘money flows to me freely through many differing channels in many different ways and it is a continual joyous flow’ – much different to ‘I will ‘win’ a one off lump sum so I don’t have to worry about money any more’. I know which thought feels more open and abundant to me!
So in essence I feel that its not necessarily HAVING money that  keeps money in your experience, its having passion and living with passion that keeps money flowing into your experience. With that view point I AM my own source of abundance, me, not the universe, not the lotto, not the job, not anything, ME, I AM the creation of ME, I AM my ability to live in passion or not! THIS is my great driver and I know that I can choose that regardless of my financially situation.

And my effort-ing of focusing my energy on this truth, would be more beneficial, much more fun and much easier than focusing on winning the lotto, as that is truly how I want to live. Passionately, in my powerful NOW, focusing on the essence of life, connecting with others, BEING the flow of energy in the moment, AND from there, IF I feel a deep inspired action one day to buy a lotto ticket and win, then great!!! But I would not be putting my focus on that as a solving of any perceived ‘problems’ around time and finances. Instead I will be re-focusing everyday on my Why’s for coaching and on simply staying true to myself in whatever ways that unfolds and trust in the perfection of it all!’


It was a brilliant question really! For it is in the questions that we gain even further clarity and conviction of who we are. As I remarked to the beautiful person who asked this question

“I love these ever evolving and expanding conversations and the questions are really where its at in that regard!”

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